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Oil spill equipment for your every need - skimmers, boom, tanks, dispersant application systems, fire boom.

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MAGNUM 200 Floating Drum Oil Skimmer

The Elastec Magnum 200 is conservatively capable of recovering oil at rates up to 200 gpm / 45 cubic meters per hour with our standard smooth drums. Higher recovery rates are possible with the new Grooved Drum design. The Magnum 200 can be deployed from boats for open water response.

The Magnum 200 is available with a choice of drives and recovered oil pumps. The offloading pump may be mounted on the skimmer for high head applications. The skimmer is available with hydraulic or pneumatic motor.

Even with this large design the weight and draft of the skimmer is minimal due to the patented design. The simple construction and lightweight anodized frame will provide many years of service. A wave breaker can be fitted for open waters to help prevent splash over into the skimmer sump.

The lightweight aluminum frame is anodized for superior corrosion protection.

Available with our ES400 Helical Screw pump and steam coil heating. Disc and Brush inserts are also available.

Grooved Drums are available for enhanced recovery rates.

Elastec/American Marine Skimmers from Elastec/American Marine on Vimeo.

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